Associate or Full Professor position in Data Science

The Faculty of Science at the University of Zurich invites applications for an Associate or Full Professor in Data Science for Sciences to join us.

Through her/his research activities in the Institute for Computational Science on the Irchel Campus, the successful candidate should demonstrate the benefits of data science and modern data analytics for Sciences, with a preference in Earth, Space and/or Environmental Sciences.

Her/his expertise in data science could cover for instance: computer science, machine learning, optimization, signal processing, advanced statistics.

Her/his research applications could be for instance: satellite remote sensing, atmospheric science, oceanography, hydrology, glaciology, planetary science, ecology and evolution.

Her/his activities at the Institute for Computational Science should in particular help demonstrating how open-source scientific software, data digitalization or new collaborative approaches (e.g. hackathon, data challenges) contribute to a successful interdisciplinary research.

Candidates for this data science position should be either

- an outstanding domain scientist with a proven track record in developing computational methods and applying modern data analytics in her/his field;


- an outstanding data scientist with a proven track record in the proposed fields of application and a strong motivation for advancing knowledge in Earth, Space and/or Environmental Sciences.

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