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Do you want to work while you study in Canada? Do you have a spouse who would like to work during your time there?


Then apply for an accredited co-op diploma with IEACON...

Co-op Diploma

Co-op Diploma

Digital Media Studies Management

Co-op Diploma

Co-op Diploma

Health Care - Acute Care Aide

Co-op Diploma

Co-op Diploma

Business-Hospitality Management

Beautiful Canada

Beautiful Canada

  • Admission is open for international students

  • Applications accepted throughout the year

  • Accredited diploma programs correspond to the most in-demand industries in Canada and worldwide for work placement

  • Available programs for University graduates and High school graduates

  • IELTS is NOT required

  • All programs include from 600 to 780 hours paid internship

  • Students will get Student permit + Work Permit & Student’ spouse will get a Work Permit

  • Students get 42 points towards their immigration/permanent resident permit  application that leads to Canadian citizenship

  • Scholarships are available for international students 

  • No application fee + Free support + Fast-track admission process with IEACON

Interested in applying for a co-op diploma in Canada? 
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What grade did you achieve at your highest level of education?
Did you pass IELTS or TOEFL test within the last 2 years


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